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2023 Collage Work


Fractured Recollections, 30" x 30" mixed media collage, 2023

Wheelbarrow Woman.jpg
Wheelbarrow Woman, 12" x 12" mixed media collage, 2023
This is the second variation of the Wheelbarrow Woman; she first appeared in a black-and-white intaglio more than 20 years ago. I've always wondered what was going on when that photo was snapped of her and her son (or grandson?) And who hasn't ridden in a wheelbarrow when there was someone volunteering to push it?
Chickenman and Friends, 12" x 12" mixed media collage, 2023
I have always been intrigued with the pictures I took in Mamou, Louisiana, during Mardi Gras. Locals dress up in bright outfits and capes, ride out on horseback in pursuit of a chicken that's been let loose. Someone will capture the chicken and then it goes in the pot for jambalaya. 
Cora and Her Sisters, 12" x 12" mixed media collage, 2023
Ode to Muybridge, 11" x 14" mixed media collage, 2023
This piece references Eadweard Muybridge and his early photographic studies of horses in motion. He was trying to prove that at some point in a horse's gait, all four hooves were off the ground simultaneously. I remember being at the horseraces in Charles Town, West Virginia, and believing that was true!
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