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Miscellaneous Collages


More collages can be found on my Smugmug site.

House and Light, 12" x 12" Mixed Media Collage (Newspaper, acrylic paint)

The clipping of the homeless person from the 1990 Baton Rouge newspaper stayed on my bulletin board for decades. I needed to find a permanent place for it, and I was reminded by the "Thousand Points of Light" program going on around that time. Decades later, not much has changed. (Can you tell I work in the nonprofit sector?!)


Damascus, 12" x 12" Mixed Media Collage

The figure is torn from an old etching from an unsuccessful series called "Homeless Dialog." Other bits of torn  paper, color pencil, and acrylic paint were also used.


Mamou, 24" x 12" Mixed Media Collage

This is another in the travel series I was thinking of creating. Mamou at Mardi Gras is quite different from Baton Rouge at Mardi Gras! Here are some local characters who chased and caught the chicken for the jambalaya. 


Travels with Mom, 24" x 12" Mixed Media Collage

This was made in honor of my mom, and the many fun road trips we shared. I was specifically thinking about our late-night idea to run up to Graceland from Baton Rouge. Turns out that's a much longer drive than we thought, and we got there as the sun was coming up. These trips were made in the days before we all had GPS devices in our cars and smartphones in our pockets. 


City Progress and Simplicity, 18" x 24" Mixed Media Collage

Includes computer parts, photos taken in Mexico, bits of nature, carved foam core, acrylic paint

Gary and the American Dream, 18" x 24" Mixed Media Collage, 1997

As a young person, I was deeply affected by the story of Gary Gilmore and the power of the state. That haunting finally found it's way into a piece in the late 1990s.


To Be Sure, 18" x 24" Mixed Media Collage

Found book, slides, plexiglass, spray paint, Liquid Light on drawing paper

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