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Growing Up in the 1970s

This is a series I created from old family photographs. I enjoy thinking about how memories are formed and stored, and am curious about why some stick around more than others. 

My Birthday, 1969
(I Always Had The Best Parties)
Mixed Media Collage
First Day of School, 1970
(My Brother Walked Me To The Bus Stop)
Mixed Media Collage

Our Trip to Disney World, 1975
(My Favorite Ride Was The Teacup Spin)
Mixed Media Collage
Washington, D. C., 1969
(Flags Were At Half-Mast for Dwight Eisenhower)
Mixed Media Collage
All-Star Game, 1972
(We Went To Lots of Baseball Games)
Mixed Media Collage

Playing Football in the Yard, 1971
(We Loved Roman Gabriel And Len Dawson)
Mixed Media Collage

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